Dating for Dummies (aren’t we all)

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I’ll start by saying that the Dinner Date is one of the most exciting components of dating. I myself became a Dinner Date specialist. I have a certificate hanging on my wall “Dinner Dater of the Year”. Although now that I’m single again I am a bit rusty and that certificate is in the shed gathering dust!

I love going out on Dinner Dates with the girls that I meet. Even if it’s just a female friend, I think there is something special about sharing a meal together. It’s old fashioned. It’s romantic. I like to joke around during dinner conversations. I don’t take them too seriously and that puts me in a relaxed state.

I also love the standard of the “Long walk after the meal”. This is when you really get to know someone. When you pick a restaurant make sure that there is a nearby safe walk way with a view (preferably to water). If you choose a restaurant near alley ways it’s not that romantic and you might get mugged hehe. A good walk can solidify a friendship and then you stop at a particular point to look yonder and you truly reflect on life. I love that part.

Then there is the kiss (or not kiss) goodbye. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s coming. One time I was in a car and thought I’d kiss a girl goodbye on the cheek. I liked the first kiss on the cheek so I went in again to the other cheek. We were just friends. Soon I went for the third on the neck and then we kissed. This gradual approach did wonders hehe.

There’s two basic ways you kiss. You either discuss where your both at then you kiss if it’s appropriate. Or, you just go for it and kiss then you chat later perhaps. I like the second approach hehe. Obviously because at least you get a kiss regardless of what happens in the discussion afterwards hehe. But the kiss clears things up too. If you feel something during the kiss, a deeper connection then that may help you in the coming discussion.

I think daters don’t kiss enough. “A kiss is just a kiss” after all. That was in a song aswell so it must be true! hehe. Kissing is enjoyable and it releases endorphines. People in couples and single people should do it more often! If your single, It shouldn’t necessarily lead to anything serious. I don’t think you should feel too much pressure. Kissing isn’t as intense as sex so kiss away!

This initial phase of two lovers should be angst free! Relax and enjoy yourself. That’s my take. If your a Dummy Dater, have no fear! Relaxing is the key to the transition from Dummy to Expert 🙂

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