How to Become a Successful Student Athlete

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Student walking on trackBeing an average academic student by itself is hard work. Then adding an athletic career on top must be daunting. Yet there are countless examples of successful student athletes. How do they do it? It takes a great deal of time, effort and leadership skills. We will go through 6 important aspects and student athlete tips that will help you answer the question “How to become a successful student athlete“:

  1. What makes a successful Student Athlete
  2. What does it take to become a Student Athlete
  3. What you need today to be the best
  4. Juggling Academic workload and Athletics
  5. Time Management
  6. Athletes are not the lesser student anymore

What makes a successful Student Athlete?

Young Students

Don’t expect overnight success when you mix athletics and academic studies. You need to work hard and consistently show results. Defining your goals early on is very important. Both university sports scholarships and normal academic tuition have to be taken seriously. You may face complex challenges like too much workload and performing at sports training at the same time. Managing this constant juggle and developing leadership skills will help you in life down the track.

What does it take to become a Student Athlete

There are many people that want to become a successful student athlete. But only a select amount of college athletes actually succeed. You must have a determined mindset and a positive attitude. This is because there will be setbacks. Bad grades, sports injuries, getting benched, long nights etc. Self-discipline is needed.

You must create good habits that you maintain over a long period of time. Remember of course to have fun and unwind. Several nights of partying and heavy drinking surely won’t do your schedule any justice. In terms of getting success on the field/track, patience is necessary. A diary and stored weekly planner data combined will give you a historical record of your progress.

What you need today to be the best

It takes one day to make a decision that may stick with you for many years. So you need to take action now. The best thing you can do today is to learn how to balance your commitments. In the beginning of your journey, your academic and athletic responsibilities will mount quickly. Depending on where you excel the most, college athletes may have to direct your resources to elements that your not that good at.

You social activities also need to be scheduled well. Relaxation and sleep is super important. You need regular rest to be sharp. As we said earlier, unwinding is also important. You don’t want to be too tense for a field event or exam.

Juggling Academic workload and Athletics

The average Athletic Full-time Student will have to juggle class, practice and games. Athletic students are among the busiest of all students. Because Student Athletes cannot reduce how many classes they take each semester or practices they attend they have to become experts in planning. Below are some student athlete tips to manage your time:

  • Phone Task Software
  • Diaries
  • Paper weekly planner
  • Calendar

You need to know what your doing and when your doing it prior to the event occurring.

Time Management

Create a Daily and Weekly Schedule

Student athlete time management is vital. You need to establish a routine. You also need reminders. Record your deadlines somewhere before the fact. You need to allot time to the preparation that is needed before an event happens like an exam or game.

Practice Time Management

Prioritizing your time becomes very important. What is the most important thing you need to do this week? Why do you consider it more important than other tasks? Prioritize your task list. Don’t spend excess time on a task either. Reach a certain level and deliver. These leadership skills will also guide you through life.

Write down and track your Goals

Mental health should also be prioritized. You must write down and track your goals and this will help you manage stress. If you find yourself procrastinating on a task then quickly switch to another task until you have the creative edge to go back to the first one. These types of student athlete tips are critical.

Get to Know Your Professors

At the start of each semester, take the time to introduce yourself to your professors. Arrive at class a few minutes early or stay after class to share with them more information about your busy schedule. They will guide and give you support if you ask for it.

Find a Study Buddy

Finding another student to study with can make learning easier. Whether you need to complete an assignment or study for an upcoming exam, having a friend will increase your knowledge base.

Utilize Campus Resources

On-campus, you may find tutoring services, writing centers, libraries, hall speeches, cafeterias, bars and many other resources to help you succeed.


College athletes must establish great communication with your professors, teammates, and college coaches. This is because you may miss a class, practice, team meeting, or game and your teachers should know this.

Learn from Your Failures

By learning from your mistakes the first time, you will prepare yourself for next time and find yourself growing to be a better full-time student athlete than you were before. Document both your achievements and lessons learned.

Athletes are not the lesser student anymore

You will find that no matter which college sport you play or which college you attend, you will likely encounter college athletes stereotypes. Below are two big stereotypes.

“Student Athletes only attend college to play their college sport”

Most people think that Student Athletes only dream of one thing and that is becoming a professional athlete in their sport. But this is not entirely true. In todays world all students including Student Athletes need to be passionate about heir studies and future careers. After all, you cannot be a professional sportsperson forever!

“Student Athletes do not care about their classes”

In modern times Student Athletes are not just measured by their playing ability (by coaches etc.) but by their grades too. Student Athlete must apply themselves in class and show initiative and a drive to learn. The college professors equally have the task to encourage Student Athletes too.


Being a traditional academic student is hard enough. What Student Athletes go through is twice the workload and a whole lot of stress. We have gone through six important aspects that successful Student Athletes can follow to reach success. Planning is key. In “How to become a successful student athlete” we learned that students need to balance their classes, practice, games and social life. Also, they must take things seriously from the first year, even from the first week of tuition.

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