Propagating Jade Plants

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How to grow Jade PlantsHave you ever wondered about propagating jade plants? As it turns out, it’s not that hard. There are a few methods that are available. This process is also called jade money plant propagation. We will talk about how to propagate jade plants from leaf or stem cutting. We will also provide tips and the best methods to use.

What is propagation
Propagating jade plant from leaf or stem cuttings is very easy. In terms of propagation, Jade plants are a good way to begin if you are a novice in propagation. You could own a Jade plant for a long time and have propagated it many times over.

Jade Plant Propagation Methods
If you have a Jade plant it will have a stem and leaves. Jade plants can be propagated from Stem or Leaf cuttings. Remember that it takes a long time to grow a decent size Jade plant from these leaf cuttings. In terms of jade plant propagation time, stem cuttings grow faster than the leaves. Both methods are easy though.

When to Propagate Jade Plants
The Jade cuttings will need an environment that is warm, humid, and ventilated. Summer is the perfect time for this type of propagation. But you can do Jade propagation at any time during the year with the right instructions. Sometimes a branch or leaf will naturally break off and land on the soil. Then it will start to grow roots without any assistance from you.

Supplies for Propagating Jade Plants
The first things you will need are supplies. The supplies won’t be expensive and you won’t need too many. The supplies needed are:
– Jade Plant stem cuttings or leaves
– Potting Soil (with perhaps some sand and perlite)
Hormone rooting hormone jade plant
– Some Pots
– Clippers

How to Propagate Jade Plant from Cuttings
For a jade plant growing roots on branches, the fastest way to get a decent sized Jade Plant then you probably want to do stem cuttings. It doesn’t matter the size of the Stem, it will work. Sometimes a branch will break off and you can use that. Sometimes there will be a broken stem and you can use that too. If your prune your jade plant you can also save jade plant clipping for future propagation. Jade Plant cuttings are sometimes known as money tree succulent cuttings. Propagating jade stem is very easy.

How to take a cutting from a Jade Plant
To perform cutting a jade plant, the first step is to choose where you want to cut the stem to make a new plant. With stem cuttings get around 3 to 4 inches of the stem so you have plenty of area for rooting the portion of the stem. Make sure you use clean sterile clippers or a sharp knife to cut the stem. Before you use your clippers or knife, sterilize them with water (with soap). Now remove the sets of leaves that are growing down the entire stem. A Jade plant cutting will root from the leaf joints and all along the stem. Cut a few solid leaf joints to get a good chance of obtaining a good root.

Preparing a Jade Plant Cutting for Propagation
Now that you have your jade plant cutting you must allow the ends of the cuttings to dry out and form calluses. Leave them be for a few days. This will prevent cuttings from rotting. Also, the bigger the cutting is the more days you should let dry out. If it is winter, then this becomes even more important.

How to Propagate a Jade Plant from a Leaf
It’s more challenging and it takes much longer to grow a large jade plant from leaves than it will from stem cuttings. It is fun though, so give it a try.

How to take leaf cuttings
You have to first carefully break off each leaf. You have to make sure you get the entire stem of the leaf and not just the round leaf itself. If the bottom part is broken off the leaf then there is no chance to form a root.

Preparing A Jade Leaf For Propagation
You don’t have to do too much drying leaf cuttings as you do with stem cuttings. Drying them out a little bit won’t hurt. But remember that you won’t be able to propagate jade leaves that are completely dried out.

How To Root Jade Plant Cuttings In Soil
The soil for jade plant cuttings is important. After you have made your leaf cutting you must take the root and plant them in the soil. You must not provide too much humidity or the plant will end up rotting. Purchase some rooting hormones and apply them to the leaf-cutting stem. This will help the cuttings root faster. Next fill your container with soil. Sandy soil works best (with perlite). Jade plants will root best in light. General potting soil will be too heavy for a jade plant and the plant will rot. There is one type called “commercial succulent soil” that will work best in this scenario. Then you must make a hole in the soil for the stem. Use your finger. Place the cutting into the hole and make sure that the rooting hormone won’t come off. Then press the soil around the base of the cutting so it’s secure. If it is a leaf cutting then you can just lay the leaves over the top of the soil or cover the cut end with a bit of soil. You must put your jade plant cutting in a place where it is protected from the sun. Don’t water your jade cutting until it has proper roots. You can use water mist if the environment is really dry. Finally, once you start to see new growth on the top of the jade plant cutting that means it has started to grow roots. So replanting jade plant cuttings is not that hard. An alternate method is to do rooting jade in water.

How Long Does It Take For Jade Cuttings To Root?
The time taken to grow roots depends on the environment of the Jade Plant. If it is a dry climate then it will take longer. If there are the perfect conditions then it will take 2 to 3 weeks to form roots.

Repotting Jade Plant Cuttings
Once roots have formed on the jade plant you can start to water the plant. Once you water it, let the soil completely dry out before watering it again.

Jade plant propagation is fun and easy. Leaf Cuttings or Stem Cuttings are the two main options, each having different time frames. You will have many baby jade plants in no time! You can place them throughout your garden. They also make great gifts. Make sure you check out our Garden Projects Category for more exciting things to do. A Jade plant might look good inside Garden Structures and Decor.

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