Salsa Time!

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The Salsa Dancing Scene is one of the most fun social outings you can have. When I got introduced to Salsa it was a period of my life when I was working very hard. I remember this period well. I also remember this time as very enjoyable. The dancing had changed me, it gave me a lot more energy and I become more sociable.

Before I started working full time I was very sociable and the group clown. As a student I would go to clubs and bars, 3 days a week. It was non stop partying. There was a long term relationship there for a while but that fizzled. I then decided to focus on work. My chosen craft was Website Development. After a few years I started to earn a lot of money in Website Development. The downside was most weeks I would be working 5 days overtime and most of my weekends were taken up with work too.

Now what does this have to do with salsa? Read on hehe. Well I had time for some what of a social life but even when I did manage to go out I didn’t have the energy to participate. When I went out for drinks with my friends I would boring and non responsive. A friend suggested it was “Salsa Time!”. Salsa Time? He wanted me to go to Salsa and get my mind off work. I resisted at first but he’d just started it and thought it would do me good. So I gave it a shot.

As soon as you walk into a Salsa Night/Club you get hit with a wave of the hard beats of salsa. For a beginner it’s quite intimidating. Then you see couple after couple dancing. All these dancers. Most of the time, gentlemen ask a girl waiting outside the dancing ring to dance. But more and more these days women are asking the men!

I think after weeks of dancing you start seeing people you know and then it becomes like a community. It’s great to chat to other dancers about life in general. You don’t usually chat about salsa.

Now Salsa isn’t R an B. You don’t just go dance near people group on group. You have to ask someone if they would like to dance with you in a very elegant manner as well. Sure, sometimes you get a no but it’s not a big deal. The other person probably is just chilling or maybe they plain don’t like you! hehe. But that doesn’t bother people that much, most of the dancers will say yes.

Now the music itself is some what a repetitive beat but it gets you moving. It’s been designed for you to move to the music. Granted, some people don’t move to the music well but no one laughs. There is no judgement on the dancefloor. People go there to enjoy themselves. No one drinks either. Dancing drunk is not a good idea. I have seen some men and women do it with varied results. It’s just not a good idea hehe. That’s why there is always water nearby in Salsa joints.

These days I go to Salsa to relax the brain. Sometimes I don’t even dance that much. I go there just to chat to the other dancers and people I know. Basically, it’s a great social environment. Salsa nights are held at Bars and Clubs so there are always tables and chairs around so you can chill. The music brings people together, the dancing requires some skill and so you need to go to lessons.

I noticed that some of the women in salsa dress particularly well the night they go to salsa. Some wear dresses and gowns and this adds to the spectacle. The guys of course are slackers and some where t-shirt and jeans combinations.

I love salsa lessons because you do it as a group that see’s each other again and again. You get friends out of it for sure. The fact that your doing a physical skill after work is awesome. Particularly for those workers like me that get a lot of screen time.

It’s beautiful to see people dancing from a distance. As you walk in you are reminded that you need to “move” here. Sometimes you stand around but the music gets you up!

Well what are you waiting for? It’s Salsa Time!

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