The Simple Egg

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I’ve been wanting to write about eggs all my life. Why did I wait this long? At least now I have some stories regarding eggs that I can recall for this piece so that’s good right. Such a simple food that has created a big impact in many households around the world. Where do I begin.

My first experience with eggs came as a baby. My mother split opened a boiled egg and she gave me one half and gobbled it up with my mini spoon. Even then I understood how that boiled egg was meant to be eaten. As a child you kind of like the white and yellow aspect of the egg, two contrasting vibrant colours, so inviting. The taste, well these two flavours work together to perfection.

As I grew into a Primary School Student I have fond memories at lunch. My egg and butter sandwitch that my mother was much sort after. I used to trade it for “two” sandwitches from other kids. Such was their worth. Yeah… I was a smooth egg dealer in primary… and yes I did get high on my own supply. Instead of Scar Face I was known as Egg Face. I had a student bodyguard nicknamed “Omellete” but enough about those jokes!

Each egg has an egg yoke and an egg white. Mixing the yoke and the egg white you get an omellette mix. I must say that preparing the egg for consumption is as much fun as eating it! You usually use a fork to blend the egg yoke and egg white and the act of doing always feels good. You can place the full egg in a pot to boil. Or you can fry the full egg in a pan.

Lets look at the properties of eggs. They are a good source of high quality protein. Eggs contain B2, selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as Zinc, Iron and copper. Phew, that was a mouthful. All these mean nothing to me other than the protein component of the egg that I’ve always known. Boxers like the old Rocky would down 4 raw eggs in the morning before their workouts! I wouldn’t do that If you paid me, even if I was a boxer!

As for weight gain eating eggs as part of your diet is good for weight loss. They make you feelmore full. Low in calories. Eggs may also boost your metabolism. So wait a second… they taste good AND lead to weight loss! Wow a true superfood. The only thing is that their addictive so of course if you eat too many eggs you will be obese hehe so be careful!

My other experience with eggs was with one of my ex girlfriends. She was trying to fry two perfect eggs on the frying pan and the yoke broke for both. She broke down! She was in tears, she wanted the perfect eggs! Granted she had a tough week, but the eggs fiasco put her over the top. I’m no longer with that girl but that has nothing to do with egg preparation hehe. Even with me, when I stuff up an egg frying session you feel bad. Why is this the case? Eggs have to come out looking good I guess!

I also sat down in a cafe and friend suggested “Eggs Benedict”. “Who’s Benedict” I asked. They didn’t know but they did know what Eggs Benedict contained. It was two halves of an english muffin, topped with a poached egg, bacon or ham, and hollandaise sauce. When it arrives on your table it looks quite exquisite and beautifully presented. For a breakfast it feels too extravagant, almost like a dinner plate. But it’s delicious. I since found out that the dish was popularised in New York City. A version of the origin story suggests that there was a guy called Benedict! He came into a hotel after a hangover.

The legend goes that Lemuel Benedict was a retired Wall Street stock broker. Benedict wandered into the “Waldorf Hotel” in 1894. He had a hang over and hoping to cure it in the morning, he ordered “buttered toast, poached eggs, crisp bacon, and a hooker of hollandaise. Lets hope his hangover was cured! Eggs Benedict doesn’t exactly scream hangover cure, the holladaise may be too rich for such a cure! But hey, thank god Benedict was hungover or else we wouldn’t have got such a recipe.

My other favourite egg dish is called “Huevos Rancheros” (traslates to Ranch Eggs from spanish to english). English speakers can say “Huevos Rancheros” quite easily and maybe that’s why it caught on. Usually eaten mid morning in rural Mexican Farms. They must have gotten tired of plain egg in those mexican farms! Bless those creative mexicans! This dish looks exotic and delicious from the get go. The ingredients are tortillas, eggs, tomato-chilli sauce, refried beans, rice, avocado or guacamole. In the pan you see many vibrant colours inviting you to take a bite.

Isn’t funny that Chef Gordon Ramsay once said that he tests all of his potential chefs on cooking the perfect scrambled eggs. If they can’t do it, he kicks them out. You see, there it is again, egg prep has to be perfect! Eggs demand the best preparation. Poor chef’s, the pressure must be intense! But Gordon’s logic also makes sense. If potential chefs knew how to cook the perfect/fluffy scrambled eggs, it would probably mean that they were likely to cook other dishes with a high level of technique too. The way I cook an ommelette is quite simple with a bit of butter but Gordon Ramsay would probably be swearing at me incessantly if I was in his kitchen for lazy technique. But It would be an honour to get sworn at by Ramsay!

Aaaah the humble egg. Where would we be without it. How many breakfasts have I had with these litte white and yellow ovals of pure brilliance. Too many to count. Each of them memorable. God bless the chickens too of course for laying them. No one thanks the chickens!

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