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Gramercy Park, New York City, New York, USA
Gramercy Park is a picturesque fenced-in private park in the Manhattan region of New York City, New York U.S. Gramercy has a population of 0.028 million people that have private access to this beautiful private park.

The layout of Gramercy Park (2 acres) in an example of an early attempt to achieve city planning. The landowners around the park were given access to It. Only those who own a key could go there and you have to pay $350 for each key. But note that the sidewalks of the streets around the park can always be accessed for jogging, strolling, and dog-walking.

Gramercy Park and most of the surrounding buildings have literally remained unchanged for 80 years. The park is frequented mainly by those who live in the 39 surrounding townhouses/ apartment buildings, and clubs. Note that If you do make it inside you may not drink alcohol or smoke. You can’t ride a bike/walk a dog/play sports or feed any animals. Photos are forbidden in particular for commercial use. The neighborhood of Gramercy has brownstone architecture and historic apartment buildings on streets lined with tall trees.

There are nearby fashionable restaurants packed with vibrant crowds. There are cool bars that host the after 5 pm workers. Irving Plaza is a nearby music venue that always has a band playing live. If you want to visit this exclusive historical park you can rent a room at the nearby Gramercy Park Hotel, which entitles you entry to the park.

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