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Web Design TableDo you need innovative solutions? Do you need a completely functional and efficient online store? Then choose Web Design Company. We provide a host of eCommerce platforms including; simple WordPress e-commerce plugins, Enterprise ecommerce Systems and other hi-tech technological services. We are an ecommerce agency. We are experts in web design, web development, Shopify, Magento and Woocommerce.

We have a super team of professionals. They include designers, developers, project managers and information experts. We promise to optimise the functionality, content and visual resolution of websites in order to guarantee user comfort, performance and speed. For ecommerce turn to Web Design Company.

Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms out there. That is why we offer Magento Development services that are geared towards the provision of sophisticated E-commerce platforms for store owners and administrators to be able to assume total control over the presentation of content and functionality of their online stores.

We have many happy customers that utilise Magento and this has given our team the required experience and knowledge to execute projects in both the Magento Community and Enterprise versions. Our primary objective for our Magento development is the customization of your online business. Unlike other agencies, we guarantee e-commerce sales growth and success.

There is nothing more important than traffic generation and conversion. We have a Magento feature that assists in this function. Magento has a tool-set that assists in the growth of the business. This tool-set also accommodates a huge products catalog, high traffic rate and even international expansion.

At Web Design Company we have highly skilled professionals that will stand by you, help take your business to new heights and even give technical assistance to your customers. This will allow you to define your site exactly to your needs. Very few agencies provide this service.

WordPress WooCommerce development
Would you like to keep your customers engaged and entertained?
Our team in the past, present and in the future will continue to offer wordpress development services guaranteed this as well as simultaneously allowing your website to run optimally.
Keeping a website functioning to full capacity is crucial. So Web Design Company has a blend of professionals that have the ability to load your website with streamlined blogging platforms, up to the minute plugins and all custom features. Please note that our services are not restricted to new websites only. We also work with old sites also.

WordPress Services

The most popular WordPress plugin is WooCommerce. But why is this so? This plugin contains lots of features that cannot be found in others. It does not only work with all manner of WordPress plugins, but it also gives a website a perfect look without compromising its user friendliness. Woocommerce has it all! It comes with payment checkout options like Paypal, combined shipping functions, Woo themes and other leading features. You’ll need us to create high end Woocommerce services to enable you start and promote your website, monitor sales, track stock levels and check your performance from your dashboard. We advise you to enable WooCommerce as soon as possible. That’s if you want fast sales of course.

Plugin Integration
We utilise the latest wordpress content development system to provide a plethora of plugins to improve websites functionality e.g the addition of SEO pack, Google XML sitemap, or an event calendar etc. What we do, is to guide you on how to utilise effective plugins to help increase traffic to your site, engage customers and at the same time maintain the speed of your site. These awesome plugins will help increase traffic to your site, engage customers and at the same time maintain the speed of your site. Then we will help you understand “how” to use the plugins which few agencies do.

WordPress Theme Development
At Web Design Company we have the best most innovative developer in town.
Our developers have the ability of designing and developing a completely custom and unique WordPress themes to give your brand a distinct identity. From concept to creation we are what you need. We focus on the little details to give you exactly what you want. We also develop themes to suit your personal needs.

Magento services

Architectural Advisory
When building your online eCommerce store every decision is crucial. Quite simply, we have hired the best, most talented Magento developers. Not only are they gifted in programming and site configuration, they will guide you through each development phase of your project. Your online store has to get off to a good start. If you don’t have a solid foundation and base structure you can forget about success. So invest in a good base structure.

Server Configuration And Advanced Hosting
I think we all know that each customer is peculiar and sometimes hard to understand. So as a function of your needs, we configure our DDS program to spread Magento admin and other related apps on different services. This feature is a must because once installed it allows users to undertake a high-speed shopping experience. For instance, the speed of going from page to page and the checkout process is improved.

Development of Customised Magento Extension
Do you want to maximize the functionality of online stores?
The creation and development of customized Magento extensions will achieve this. If your going to succeed with your online Magento store your going to need newsletter functionality. Email marketing features such as Campaign Monitor and Mail Chimp can be installed. You can even integrate subscription services, coupon functionality and promotions.

Shopify Services
Shopify is the number one e-commerce site-builder/platform out there. The reason for this is that it’s simple to create the base structure of your online store. The product database is very easy to update via intuitive admin screens. Then it’s even easier to install plugins that enhance your store. These plugins are also very cost effective. There are also many design templates to choose from. We will sit down with you to perfect the overall design and look of your site. But sometimes you will need custom amendments to your store and that’s where Web Design Company can step in and develop them for you. Most importantly, we offer a held desk support so that all your queries can be answered and any new opportunities identified. You can get a Shopify Site up and going in a matter of days. Simply brilliant.

Web Design and Marketing Services we offer
We make the web work for you delivering digital solutions. Creating user focused online experiences for a better web. As a Web Design Company, we deliver websites that bring more business for our clients to help them grow and thrive.

Strategy:Brand Strategy & Art Direction. We are a world class team of graphic designers and brand innovators.
Development:Custom Web Development Solutions. We customize all our web development applications that can suit your requirements.
Marketing:SEO PPC & Social Media Marketing. Our team guarantees you search engine dominance, increased traffic on your website.
Design:UX/UI Design & Website Design. We provide strategic UX/UI workflow and we design high performance custom web websites.

Your Online Store will look good on any screen
In this day and age your Website or Online store has to look good on Mobile phones, Tablets and Desktops. This is because your users don’t just view your site just from the Desktop anymore. 57% of Online users abandon a website after waiting more than 3 seconds. Quite simply, your website then has to be customized for the device that the user is using and so at Web Design Company we incorporate Responsive Design. Responsive Design means that the design changes automatically based on the device that opened the website.

Integration with Analytics System
What good is having a successful website if you don’t collect Analytics data on each page? At Web Design Company we will integrate the analytics system of your choice (usually Google Analytics). Then we will show you how to analyze the data so that you can gain insights into where users are going and what they are doing on your site.

SEO Friendly Websites
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and that refers to the process of improving your search engine rank via special processes. Most clients want to be on page one for certain keywords and Web Design Company can certainly guide you to attain such a goal. What we know is that the Quantity of site pages and Quality of site pages is crucial. Your website pages must have meta data that contains the hot keywords of the current time too. You can leave the complexities to us but the main goal is to achieve more hits to your website so you can get more sales.

Contact Us
Our company is always on the look out for innovative solutions to help build online stores that are completely functional, efficient and effective. We provide a host of eCommerce platforms including; simple WordPress e-commerce plugins, enterprise e-commerce systems, and other hi-tech technological services. Do you need innovative solutions? Do you need a completely functional and efficient online store? Then choose Web Design Company.

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