Wonder Woman 1984

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Poster: Film - Wonder Woman 1984This is the sequel to the 2017 super hero film ‘Wonder Woman’. A business man has a desire for extreme wealth and power. This villian comes across a dream stone that can give him what he wants. But the world may not be ready for such power. Diana has a work friend that also desired power and she must battle this friend and the business man in order to restore order in the world. The talented cast includes: Gal Gadot as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta, Robin Wright as Antiope, Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva / Cheetah, Pedro Pascal as Untitled, Gabriella Wilde as Untitled, Kristoffer Polaha as Untitled, Lyon Beckwith as Buzz, Ravi Patel as Untitled, Penelope Kapudija as Mall Baby, Natasha Rothwell as Untitled, Kelvin Yu as Jake, Sonia Goswami as Christmas Market Shopper and Tessa Bonham jones as Lucy.

Starts off with cool suspenseful music. Wonder Woman (played by the stunning and talented Gal Gadot) is doing a voice over about her youth. We see a little Diana/Wonder Woman running. This place is in another realm, not earth.

“We are taken to a Sports Arena. Amazing athletic women are performing. Some are on horseback and doing ball tricks. There is a line up of Women about to begin the contest. Diana is the youngest. They run and do rope and other cool obstacles. They enter the sea and swim. Great action/sporting scenes. What a great way to begin the movie”

They contestants get on horseback. Diana is advancing. They ride through the forest. Diana jumps a gap in the mountains with her horse! She then slips and loses her horse. She slides down a ramp and the jumps and regains her horse. Awesome action!

“The final obstace is to throw a javalin through a hoop. The Organiser Woman then suddenly grabs Diana’s arm and stops her. She says Diana had taken the short path and cheated and so she must be disqualified. Diana asks ‘When will it be my time?’. You feel for young Diana. What an interesting scene”

We then cut to the future. A fast car neary crashes into a woman. Wonder Woman is lightning and blocks the car and then dissappears.

A man on TV (Maxwell Lord played by the charismatic Pedro Pascal) is promising people that they too can have what they wish for. Maxwell owns an Oil company. We cut to some thugs stealing black market items at the back of a jewellery store. The thugs are spotted with a gun by security guards. The guards chase them through the shopping center. One thug takes a kid hostage. Wonder Woman appears and saves the kid. She wraps her lasoo around the thug. The thugs point their guns at her but she beats them up. She slide kicks them and grabs one of them by the leg upside down. Cool action scene. The News reports that a mysterious woman saved a kid but they don’t know who. We cut to Diana’s apartment. There are photos of Chris Pine from the past. Diana eats alone in a restaurant.

Then we cut to Barbara Minerva (played by the comical Kristen Wiig) jogging. She then enters a building, a Museum. Barbara spills her papers. Diana helps her. Barbara is a Geologist. Diana is in Archiology. Barbara invites her for lunch but Diana declines. They get a message that the FBI is coming to use their services. Barbara is analysing some ancient artifacts. One artefact is a stone with latin text. The text reads something about “wishing”. You get a feeling that rock is magical.

“Diana chats to Barbara and they are becoming friends. Barbara is an insecure geek. The two go out for dinner. Diana says she never goes out. Barbara says that Diana looks like she’s popular. Barb asks if Diana has ever been in love. She says yeah. Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig appear to be real friends, great acting”

Barbara then walks at night to her work. A stranger man wants to walk her home and gets abusive. Diana saves her and kicks the man, he goes flying. She tells Barbara that she took self defense classes. Barbara then goes to her work building and analyses the rock. She knows that it is a special wishing stone.

“Barbara rubs the stone and wishes that she was like Diana, strong sexy and cool hehe. Barbara slept over in the building. She wakes up in the morning inside the building. Barbara does her hair and changes her outfit. She avoids a water spill niftly. This surprises her because she usually is a clutz. The other workers look at her walking by. She is looking more sexy hehe. It’s a funny scene. Kristen Wiig has a comedians presence and is a scene stealer”

The audience knows the change in Barbara was probably because of her interaction with the Wishing Stone.

“Max Lord visits the museum. Max flirts with Barbara who is looking sexy. Max Lord is going to donate money for their museum. Great acting by Pedro Pascal. I haven’t seen Pedro act in this manner before. Very unique. Max Lord has a mischievious look to him. You kind of start to like this villain”

Mr Lord is hosting a party and invites them both. Barbara likes him and flirts with him. We cut to Max’s Oil Company Building. Max walks in and reads a magazine. He’s angry that he’s not the number one in Oil. A man called Simon, an investor, is waiting for Max in his office. Simon wants to quit his investment. Max says he has something big in the works. Simon says to Max that he has 48hrs to get him his money. Max’s company is close to becoming bankrupt.

“I am not a loser” Max tells his son. We cut to Diana reading some papers at work. She checks on the Dream Stone and it’s missing! There is a note inside, something about the FBI.

“Barbara is trying out clothes for the party. Kristen Wiig looks smoking hot! and she is funny aswell! There is cool 80s music at party at the Museum. Diana arrives in a beautiful white dress in a limo. Gal Gadot is also a sight to behold”

Max flirts with Barbara. Max talks to her about a vitamin supplement he takes to stay young. Max takes Barbara to her office and kisses her.

“He seduces her and steals the Dream Stone! Great scene here with Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig. They have undeniable chemistry”

A man approaches Diana. His voice sounds like Steve from Wonder Woman movie! He is a different man though. His face then temporarily changes to Steve’s face. It looks like Diana got her wish! Steve takes her to her apartment. Steve looks in the mirror and its another face/man. It appears that Steve has been re-encarnated. We cut to Max taking the Dream Stone into his building. Mr Lord wishes that he be the dreamstone itself! There is a gust of wind and storm and he gets his wish.

We cut to Barbara and she is stronger and pulls the fridge door apart accidentally. We cut to Diana and Steve in bed. Diana wants to work out how the stone brought Steve back to life. We then see Barbara is at the gym hehe. She can lift heavy weights! hehe. Max visits Simon. He says Black Gold is going bankrupt. Then Max tells Simon to says he “Wishes Black Gold was successful” and Max says his wish is granted.

“We cut to Steve trying out clothes hehe It’s a funny scene as they are 80s clothes. Steve tries different 80’s clothing and Diana laughs. They go out into the street and Diana explains things. They pass break dancers hehe. Steve looks at a trash can and thinks its art hehe”

They go to a Space exhibition. Steve is impressed. Max goes into his building. The secretary needs more hired help in the office. Max says “Tell me you wish you had more help”. She then wishes it. Then new workers start walking in! We cut to Diana and Barbara talking. Barbara says she lent it to Max. Diana is now worried. Diana breaks into Max’s building. They find sketches of the Dream Stone on his desk. He’s been looking for it for a while. Diana calls Barbara and asks her to find out where the Rock was found. Diana says the Gods made objects like this.

Diana is scared and worried about the power of the Dream Stone. They find paperwork that Max has flown to Cairo. Diana and Steve break into a Plane Hanger.

“There are old planes and new planes there. Steve choses one and they get into the cockpit. Steve says they will never find us the way he flys hehe. Then Diana says that radar can see them. Diana uses her super powers to make the plane invisible/disappear. The authorities can’t see them. Excellent transparency effects, what a cool scene”

They see fireworks in the city. It’s the fourth of July. They go through the fireworks, great scene and colour effects. Diana wonders about flight and chats to Steve. They hold hands. Barb researches paperwork in her building. Barbara runs outside. She bumps into her previous attacker! She says she’d rather she stop harrasing her.

“Barbara throws him against a van and it leaves an imprint! Barb kicks the man and he goes flying . She is angry. Barbara has gained strength and is more agile!”

We cut to Steve and Diana arriving in Cairo. Max chats to a royal in Cairo. Max explains how wishing works. A Cairo Royal man says to Max he wishes his ancestral land be returned. And so a magical wall appears around the land. Max wants his oil though. Diana and Steve are in a car chasing Max.

“Max’s men fire at their car. Diana jumps outside and runs towards a machine gun in vehicle. She uses her golden lasoo to stop bullets. Steve jumps on tank and stomps on machine gun. Diana jumps on Max’s car and asks him where is the Dream Stone. Great fast paced action scene”

Diana must save some kids that are in the way. She uses her lasoo. The wall has caused poverty and lack of water. Max has suddenly taken the majority of the world’s oil. We cut to Barbara telling Diana where the Dream Stone popped up in history. Barbara meets with Diana and Steve. They go to an old library/Book store. They read about the Dream Stone and which God empowered the Stone. Looks like the Dream Stone gives you what you wish for but also takes something away. Diana says that Max “is” the stone now. Steve says that we must destroy Max. Barbara says no! She has selfish reasons to do this as she wants to preserve her powers. Barbara then flees.

Max is angry, regulatory boards are calling. He has a red eye and is looking in bad shape. Max is granting wishes to his associates. The police have been asking about his security team. His son wishes for his fathers greatness. The city is in chaos, people have been wishing things and they came true but things are appearing in the wrong place like cows/farms in the city! Diana doesn’t want to destroy Max because she doesn’t want to give up Steve (it was her wish that Steve returned). Steve looks at gold armour in Diana’s apartment. Diana explains that this is the armour of Asteria. There are protests in the city. Max wants a talk with the President. Diana is getting weaker, she is bleeding. The Dream Stone it taking her powers away from her slowly. The audience is reminded that the Dream Stone both gives and takes.

Diana and Steve go to the whitehouse after Max. They get the tour. The President says there are problems all over the world. Max asks president for his wish. He asks for more power. Max asks in return more freedom. Max asks for immediate access to a satellite.

“Diana arrives and lasoo’s Max. The guards fire at Diana. She twirls her lassoo. I really love these lasoo scenes. The lassoo is very bright, great effects. Diana slides and kicks them. Steve does hand to hand with a guard. Cool action by Chris Pine!”

Then Barbara appears. “I can’t let you do this Diana” she says. Barbara defends Max. “Your not the only one with something to lose” Barbara says. Guards fire at Barbara, she defends well.

“Barbara fights Diana. Great hand to hand action. Diana uses her lasoo well but Barbara defends. Steve cuffs Max and they fight. “You’ve always had everything while people like me have had nothing” says Barbara to Diana. Diana questions her power. “If you go after Max Lord or hurt him in anyway I will destroy you” Barbara says to Diana”

A helicopter picks up Mr Lord, Barb goes inside and chats to him.

Meanwhile the Soviet Union has identified war weapons and see’s it as an offensive. We cut to Diana who is hurting and bleeding.

“Steve wants her to destroy Max even if it means losing him. Diana cries. It’s an emotional scene. Great acting by Gal Gadot. They kiss”

Diana runs away fast and uses her long lasoo to fly through the air.

“She piggy backs off a plane. Diana is learning how to fly! She hears Steve’s flying advice in her mind. She lasoo’s clouds! Cool innovative scenes”

Max wants to grant Barbara another wish. Barbara then says she wants to be an Apex Predator. Max grants it to her. Max gets on Live TV. He says to the people that they should look into his eyes and wish what they want. But this causes chaos in the city. For example, One woman wishes she was famous and then suddenly people can’t wait to see her outside etc. The woman is then suprised and scared. Another man and a woman argue and wish bad things to each other.

“Diana then appears in her golden suit at the Satellite Base where Max is at. But Barbara is there waiting. She has transformed into Cheetah. The action here is awesome, lunges, scratching, rapid movements by Cheetah. Barbara is now part animal. Diana says “nothing good is born from lies” to Barbara”

Barbara thinks she is patronising her and she gets more aggressive. They land at sea. Cool underwater scenes. “Renounce your wish” Diana says to Barbara. She beats up Barb with a big stroke but she saves her from drowning. Diana enters room where Max is at.

“There is a strong wind, Max is getting more powerful. He keeps on saying “your wish is granted” on TV. Diana is depleted. ‘You can have it all… you just have to waaant itttt’ says Max. Max has sought to much power and has been corrupted. Great acting by Pedro Pascal”

“The world was a wonderful place as it was before, the truth is all you need… renounce your wish” says Diana on TV.

We then see footage of a young Max, he was very unsuccessful. We see the outside word in chaos, there is potential war etc. Max is now worried about his son. He talks to him. Max has dissapointed his son and hates himself. Max then renounces his wish that he be the Dream Stone. The general public also renounces their wish. Barbara even renounces her wish. Then the world goes back to normal.

Max screams “Alaister” and finds his son. “I’ve been lying to you, I’m not a great guy… I’m a loser guy… I’m here because I love you… I prey that you forgive me” says Max. Pedro Pascal did a great job with this character. We cut to Christmas later that year. Diana meets the man that became Steve. He doesn’t know her. “Happy holidays” he says. A red star balloon flies through the air. Diana says “so many things”. Diana then flies through the air, she can now fly! Wonder Woman feels free and powerful.

“What a great sequel! Gal Gadot is one of the best physical action actresses out there now. She has a commanding presence without losing any of the sexiness that the original Wonder Woman character had. Chris Pine also had some great action scenes and he had some comical scenes too. Kristen Wiig was a scene stealer! She was both beautiful and funny at the same time. Pedro Pascal created a dynamic villain with flaws and a lust for power. I also loved the 1980’s setting and it was enjoyable to see the corny 80’s clothing and set design”

It looks like there will be a final and third Wonder Woman movie and with characters like these I’m sure it will be successful. Enjoy the action packed 2hrs 31min.

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