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10 blue links: The format search engines used to display search results; ten organic results all appearing in the same format. See blue links.

Web crawler: The process by which search engines discover your web pages.

De-indexed: Refers to a page or group of pages being removed from Google’s index. See Web indexing for more.

Featured snippets: Organic answer boxes that appear at the top of SERPs for certain queries.

Google My Business listing: A free listing available to local businesses. See Google Maps

Image carousels: Image results in some SERPs that are scrollable from left to right.

Indexing: The storing and organizing of content found during crawling. See Web indexing for more.

Intent: In the context of SEO, intent refers to what users really want from the words they typed into the search bar.

KPI: A “key performance indicator” is a measurable value that indicates how well an activity is achieving a goal. See Performance indicator for more.

Local pack: A pack of typically three local business listings that appear for local-intent searches such as “oil change near me.”

Organic: Earned placement in search results, as opposed to paid advertisements. See Organic search results for more.

People Also Ask boxes: A box in some SERPs featuring a list of questions related to the query and their answers. See Search engine results page for more.

Query: Words typed into the search bar.

Web Ranking: Ordering search results by relevance to the query.

Search engine: An information retrieval program that searches for items in a database that match the request input by the user. Examples: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

SERP features: Results displayed in a non-standard format. See Search engine results page for more.

SERP: Stands for “search engine results page” — the page you see after conducting a search. See Search engine results page for more.

Web Traffic: Visits to a website.

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