Can a Bad Battery throw Codes

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can a bad battery throw codesThe question on every car enthusiast’s mind is “can a bad battery throw codes?”. Your car’s internal computer has the ability to generate codes. We will cover the following topics: What is a bad battery?, The internal car computer, How do you obtain codes?, What car battery codes are thrown?, Methods to improve battery performance and end with a conclusion.

What is a bad battery?
We will now discuss how to tell if car battery is bad. Your car battery powers all the electrical systems in your vehicle and a faulty battery can mean:

  • Bad shifting
  • Illuminated warning lights
  • Door lock and window issues
  • Alarm faults

Factory supplied car batteries are designed to last 3 to 4 years. Five common weak car battery symptoms and their code meaning importance are:

Issues a Bad Battery causesImportance
Random and Spontaneous Illumination of Multiple Warning LightsMedium
Ignition / Door Locks / Windows / Accessories with a Mind of Their OwnMinor
Auto Start/Stop FailureMajor
Spontaneous Alarm ActivationMedium
Can’t Shift Out of ParkMajor

Can a bad car battery cause computer problems? Yes. Your battery provides power to the electronic control module which also works with the transmission control module.

A bad battery can actually mean a bad alternator. The alternator basically controls the endless supply of electricity. A bad alternator generate alerts for dim lights, battery light, odd noises, electrical issues, engine stalling and dead battery.

The internal car computer
Not only is your vehicles battery a problem, your car’s computer (PCM) may be faulty. PCM stands for the Powertrain Control Module. The PCM is in charge of important car components like the engine, the transmission, and the powertrain. It manages these systems based on the information that it receives from the many modules/sensors inside your car. It is best to have your PCM checked by an expert mechanic if faulty.

The internal computer can also be known as the Electronic Control Module (ECM). This controls the performance of your vehicle through a variety of sensors and electronic modules that relay information.

If the PCM/ECM doesn’t get the right amount of electrical energy, then it will not function properly. The PCM can cause your car not to start. The PCM needs a continual consistent stream of electricity in precise amounts supplied by a fresh and healthy battery.

How do you obtain codes
Car Battery Scanner
You can go to a special mechanic to scan the car’s computer for codes. Or you can buy a scanner yourself and learn to obtain codes. Unfortunately, it is best to have the PCM checked and fixed by a professional mechanic since you need special equipment like a scanner (car computer reader) to check the PCM. You can buy or borrow something like an OBD-II code car computer code scanner. OBD stands for “On-Board Diagnostics” and OBD-II Scanners are suitable for all vehicles made after 1996.

A dying, fading car battery means low voltage. As a result, your car’s computer, which is responsible for reporting error codes, is also receiving low voltage. Sometimes you will receive bogus car scanner codes and resetting the PCM in necessary to clear codes. Below are four ways you can reset your car’s computer:

Reset MethodResult
Plug an OBD-II scanner into your vehicle’s OBD port and reset itClears the check engine light.
Disconnecting and reconnecting your batteryRestarts your vehicle’s computer and clear the light.
Drive an older vehicle around for a few days after repairsLight will go off on its own once the computer resets.
Turn the ignition to the “on” position 3-5 times or potentially turn off the light.Error codes may then be spotted

What Car Battery Codes are thrown?
The codes that get thrown will not have the correct meaning, they could be wrong codes. In that case you have to be careful in looking up these car battery codes. If the code suggests something occurred that you know is false then disregard the code. When a battery goes down, or a major loss of voltage occurs, this can cause many false flag codes to appear due to not having any time. Is it possible for a car battery to throw car battery codes? Most definitely, because of the mere fact that you can scan for codes and find them.

You may need a different scanner per make of vehicle. Your scan tool can diagnoses the battery and bring up codes. The modules/sensors that create the computer codes are:

Measures the loads that the vehicle is putting on the batteryMedium
Measures internal resistance to the batteryMinor
Measures the temperature of the battery.Medium
Any major voltage drop, like starting, could cause the system to fail.Major

Methods to improve battery performance
You can always replace the battery. You can also try to restart the battery. Furthermore all good mechanics would say that a Trickle Charger is a fantastic way to:

  • Extend the life of your vehicle’s battery
  • Save money and headaches
  • Virtually eliminate battery-life issues common in occasional-use vehicles, like convertibles, performance cars, or cars that live at their owner’s summertime home.

A Trickle Charger will charge, condition and maintain your battery’s good health. This will eliminate battery-related problems in the process.

The function and health of your car battery is not something that should be ignored as it is a vital component that powers a lot more than meets the eye. So can a bad car battery throw codes and cause computer problems? Yes. A scanner can detect these codes. The battery is needed to power the computer in your car so it can receive information from sensors in your vehicle and be run in the safest way possible. We have proven that a bad battery can cause both meaningful and bogus codes.

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