SEO for Higher Ranking

You can rank higher with tips and even hacks but be careful

Tips and hacks may increase your google ranking and visibility of your search result. A “hack” refers to a quick amendment that gets results without necessarily following SEO standards. We will go through both SEO tips and hacks.

Keyword research is an old standard that can increase visibility. Services such as Ahrefs Keyword Explorer and Google Keyword Planner can assist.

Obtaining data from a competitors search result and content can be considered a hack. There may be legal ramifications and your content might be out of context. Using the Pipe | character in your titles is useful. But how long will the pipe “|” character be allowed in the title?

The Keyword stuffing hack became popular. But your content can become unreadable because of repetition and your google ranking may suffer. Quality content, targeting long tail keywords, writing evergreen content and creating high-quality backlinks are examples of more sustainable tips.

Ultimately if a tip/hack goes against the search algorithm it may hurt your google ranking and get you penalised. To be number one, you must do research and check against current SEO guidelines. Look for tips that have become standards. Experimentation is fine but be aware of the risks.

Achieve a longer lasting higher ranking with best practices

Best practices in SEO achieve longer lasting results. Understanding the current search algorithm of the search engine may get your site the highest ranking.

The search algorithm starts with crawling and indexing then serving. If your website is not crawlable or indexable you can forget about the highest ranking. Optimize your site hierarchy too.

The keyword meta tag is now dismissed. Google also recently stated “Keyword Heavy Titles Not Against Our Guidelines”. So adhere to meta data guidelines.

Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) content affects a reader’s happiness, health, safety or financial stability. Google may not consider ranking this content unless it’s written by an expert.

The search algorithm also tries to understand if your content covers a broad topic or a very specific niche. The freshness search algorithm serves up-to-date information to the user. Amend content as needed. The search engine also favours websites with a better user experience and loading time.

Google’s search algorithm is dynamic and it is tweaked to ensure that it’s as useful as possible to the “end user”. To be number one regular research is advised. Make amendments slowly. A complete overhaul of your content may not be the best approach.

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