Steak on the Mind

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Salt and pepper to season and fry one side well turning it over for a little while and done. Hehe it takes more skill than that of course if you want the perfect steak. Yet it creates an emotion inside of us. Could it be that it is part of our primal ways. There are some steaks like Bone-in Ribeye that you could even eat with your bare hands! Some of us find that appealing! Although we would never eat like that in front of our mothers or girlfriends. I think the hit of protein and the texture of the meat as we knaw on it with our teeth makes us feel alive. I am of the school that you shouldn’t toy with the flavour of the meat itself too much. Let it be!!! Overly seasoned meat is fine I guess if you want to change the base flavour drastically. I don’t mind it for small pieces in a skewer perhaps. Big pieces of meat have there own flavour inside, particularly if there is a fatty component.

The presentation of the plate with a Steak is so simple. You see a steak with a few veges (usually green). I guess a steak is best served on a clean white plate. The contrast of the steak and white plate is striking and very inviting. With this contrast you can instantly see the thickness and juiciness of the steak. But sometimes steak is often served on a slab of wood. This is more of a rustic feel. The knife feels good cutting the meat and reaching the wood. But yes, I do think the serving plate does make a difference in your steak experience!

Of course it’s also a great way to lose weight and gain muscle mass. Some scientists suggest that protein based diets can be harming. I never got into body building too much. I never ate protein and then worked out. Maybe one week I did that but I didn’t want to get too big. I don’t judge those big guys. You’ll be surprised that they live for a long time. Muscle is good for your bones.

Eating steak with a group of people also does something to you. Particularly if it’s a boistrous restaurant. All you can eat meat feasts make you feel particularly good. Of course this is unless you are a vegetarian. I respect vegetarians highly as I also find their food delicious. I do find their meat substitute products amusing though. There is fake meat out there! that’s made from vegetable product. I guess some vegetarians might like the taste of meat but they can’t eat meat. Interesting conundrum. It’s like meat eaters eating fake vegetables made from meat hehe.

I have had an experience in an all you can eat restaurant where my brother and I went straight for the meat and just ate meat. You can actually get a bad headache out of it! I won’t be doing that again. I’ve learned since then to eat my steak at a good slow pace, savouring every bite. A glass of wine also goes good with steak. The wine clears the palatte in readiness for your next bite.

When I eat steak with women sometimes they can’t finish their steak. Sometimes they give me what’s left of theirs, how cute and how considerate.

By this point in this article you should have “steak on the mind”!

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